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Broken chairs. Tattered suitcases. The stories of New Yorkers.
manhole cover at night, New York City.

West Side Sorry*

I am a manhole cover, Wanted no more. I kept you from falling, Through the City floor. But now I’m diseased with rust, Because I’ve forever lost your trust. Sometimes I explode in flame, And violently land without shame. But...Read More
broken mirror new york city

Red Door Reflection

Vision holds a door of time That defines existence. Until the reflection is broken By the entirety of life. In the discarded mirror We never expected. Poem by New York Trash Stories. (Broken mirror found on 55th Street between 9th...Read More
Abandoned frame on a street in New York City.


Life was a broken wall Of random graffiti, Until you came With your frame. you are here And now there is focus On this chaos of bricks, Thanks to the context Of you. surrounded by gold above the hidden stairs...Read More


I gave it my all, And life hit back. The colors of my dreams, Now faded into black. NYC bag gives up on life. Cruelty hit hard,  And things got rough. Now I’ve finally broken, I’ve had enough. end of...Read More

Your Day

This day is always so fun,  Another trip around the sun. You and loved ones celebrating together, Knowing you are not plastic and won’t last forever. But that doesn’t matter because today is about you, And now this trash is...Read More