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Hats, jackets, scarfs, and shoes tell the stories of the clothes and fashions Manhattan has left behind.

Abandoned washing machine on a New York City sidewalk.

Coming Clean

What do people mean,  When they finally come clean? And wash their bed sheets into flags of surrender, While laundering their souls in a hot air blender? Life is a whirlwind measured by an invisible clock,  Mocked by the injustices...Read More

Growing Up

Everything was gold, Until it wasn’t. The shine of my innocence gone, That currency of trust. The bright luster of the future, The dull shadow of now. The sun setting on the sunrise, That yellow fold of time. Everything was...Read More
knitting is a popular hobby in new york city

Knit Wits

The era of COVID-19 and quarantining has dramatically changed how New Yorkers live life. To cope with our daily anxiety and deep sense of isolation, many New Yorkers have taken on new hobbies and self-improvement initiatives. Knitting, for example, offers...Read More

Ironing Boredom

Beneath the glowing lights of Broadway, behind the whirling sirens of careening fire engines, and hidden from the stylish fashions paraded around by hip New Yorkers, there is mundane life. Cleaning behind the refrigerator. Wiping toothpaste smudges from the bathroom...Read More

Funky Is Never Out of Step

Everything breaks. Wine glasses. Space satellites. People.  Sometimes the entire world feels – like this funky red high-heel shoe seat – completely broken. Out of step with its purpose and value to the world. But you can never break funky...Read More