Category: Furniture

Couches and ottomans and lamps and chairs, life on sidewalks is hardly fair.

Abandoned frame on a street in New York City.


Life was a broken wall Of random graffiti, Until you came With your frame. you are here And now there is focus On this chaos of bricks, Thanks to the context Of you. surrounded by gold above the hidden stairs...Read More

Who Owned This?

Today's "Who did this belong to?" test! Who did you think this furniture belonged to? What's their story? There are no wrong answers! Be empathetic. Use your imagination. Develop your sense of adventure for everyday things. Never look at trash...Read More

Out of Office

Abandoned office chairs on the sidewalks of New York City symbolize how the very idea of work is experiencing a transformation across the City. Entire office buildings remain largely vacant, hollow carcasses of empty rooms, silent elevators, and quiet hallways...Read More

Shades of Light

Light, like the truth, can be manipulated. It can be illuminated and misdirected and – with enough effort – obscured by darkness. There is light in the apartment of every New Yorker, with natural light being the most desired and...Read More