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Deserted luggage represents a city and people who need a vacation or place to reinvent themselves.

Wooden cane in a New York City street trash can.

Sphinx About It

NYC is full of Greek mythology, you just have to look for it. You could visit the Met’s Sphinx of Hatshepsut, named after the female Egyptian pharaoh (1473–58 BCE), who gained museum-immortality through the sculpted body of a lion with...Read More
manhole cover at night, New York City.

West Side Sorry*

I am a manhole cover, Wanted no more. I kept you from falling, Through the City floor. But now I’m diseased with rust, Because I’ve forever lost your trust. Sometimes I explode in flame, And violently land without shame. But...Read More
New York City bikes after the snow.

The Emotions of Snow

Snow in New York City is an emotional journey. Snowfall begins as a quiet, introspective experience, the white flakes wafting around buildings and cars like billions of dandelion seeds tethered to each other, silently settling down into windswept corners of...Read More