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The discarded personal items of New Yorkers tell the most intimate and often overlooked stories.

Nine Lives

I gave you a home and a place to play, Knowing we'd have to move some day. You were my friend through a global disease, And you kept me sane during my lonely unease. And now we must go and...Read More

Technology Calling?

Listening is an important part of human communication. But sometimes we feel more connected to others via our technologies, which seems counterintuitive. Until we lose both. Lost headphones on 55th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues. listen close say what?...Read More
New York City bikes after the snow.

The Emotions of Snow

Snow in New York City is an emotional journey. Snowfall begins as a quiet, introspective experience, the white flakes wafting around buildings and cars like billions of dandelion seeds tethered to each other, silently settling down into windswept corners of...Read More

Goodnight, Walker

We all get old. Our bodies deteriorate. Our autumn arrives with its scattered leaves and cold, wet nights. And then we pass with the season. Goodnight, Walker, whoever you were. You will be missed. New York City Forever. Now more...Read More
Abandoned baby doll next to NYC trash can.

Lost Innocence

New York City is a place of lost innocence. From broken dreams and life-changing mistakes to financial ruin and regretful relationships, this City feeds on lost innocence like a midnight raccoon in a Central Park trash can. And that’s a...Read More