Next Life Time

open notebook on NYC sidewalk

I prey when I wake up

I’ll be a Lamborgini

Electric rock rap god

I’ll prey to a god

That when I am to be risen

pen and open notebook on NYC sidewalk
Thought Full

This poem was pulled directly from a notebook discovered flapping on a blustery and frigid sidewalk corner at 54th and 10th Avenue in January. Many of the other scrawled thoughts provide a sad glimpse into the mind of someone who is presumably struggling with mental illness.

Page Turner

To help a fellow New Yorker access mental health resources contact

open notebook next to NYC trash can
Mind Full

Note: The trash items in NYCTrashStories are never touched or manipulated, but simply captured in their current state upon being passed by. 

NYC biker riding past open notebook
Passing Thoughts
Fleeting Thoughts

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