Knit Wits

knitting is a popular hobby in new york city

The era of COVID-19 and quarantining has dramatically changed how New Yorkers live life. To cope with our daily anxiety and deep sense of isolation, many New Yorkers have taken on new hobbies and self-improvement initiatives. Knitting, for example, offers New Yorkers both a cerebral escape from their worries and a physical refuge where their hands and eyes can focus on creating works of art that are beautiful, meaningful, and a joy to hold.   

Knitting is a popular hobby in New York City.

Who knows what made the person in possession of this artfully crafted work dispose of it – draped over white wire hangers adorned with a pretty pink bow – on a trash can with a pizza box in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. Did the artist abandon it in a fit of depression or frustration? Did the person who received it as a gift have different feelings about the artist or situation that brought the colorful garment into their lives? Was it accidentally dropped and found by a stranger who simply hung it off of the ground as an act of respect? Sadly, we will never know. 

New York City is the story of many colors knitted together.

But we do know that the sidewalk trash of New York City forever tells the story of us. And for many struggling New Yorkers, hobbies like knitting and crocheting (Do you know the difference? We had to look it up!) help us keep our sanity during COVID-19 and these troubled times.

Art. Trash. And an unknown story.

For information about knitting stores and knitting classes in New York City, check out this article from  NYCityWoman.  If any readers out there have advice for New Yorkers looking to learn more about the benefits of knitting and where to find local resources, please drop your knowledge in the comment section. Thanks!

Wire coat hangers. A pink bow. A knitting mystery.

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