Month: September 2020

Ironing Boredom

Beneath the glowing lights of Broadway, behind the whirling sirens of careening fire engines, and hidden from the stylish fashions paraded around by hip New Yorkers, there is mundane life. Cleaning behind the refrigerator. Wiping toothpaste smudges from the bathroom...Read More

Shades of Light

Light, like the truth, can be manipulated. It can be illuminated and misdirected and – with enough effort – obscured by darkness. There is light in the apartment of every New Yorker, with natural light being the most desired and...Read More

Funky Is Never Out of Step

Everything breaks. Wine glasses. Space satellites. People.  Sometimes the entire world feels – like this funky red high-heel shoe seat – completely broken. Out of step with its purpose and value to the world. But you can never break funky...Read More
Abandoned baby doll next to NYC trash can.

Lost Innocence

New York City is a place of lost innocence. From broken dreams and life-changing mistakes to financial ruin and regretful relationships, this City feeds on lost innocence like a midnight raccoon in a Central Park trash can. And that’s a...Read More